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The flash

In the Imperial City, a thriving metropolis within the heart of Tamriel, a cataclysmic event known as "The Flash" occurred. A blinding light enveloped the city, and when it subsided, the citizens found themselves transported to a mysterious world, unlike anything they had ever seen. The city had been uprooted from its homeland, seemingly by some powerful unknown magic.

With the Imperial City severed from the Empire, no knowledge of this new world, its dangers, or its resources, the once-plentiful supplies from the Empire had ceased to arrive. The people began to feel the hunger as rations dwindled.

In this time of crisis, the secretive Blades, decided to deceive the prisoners, one by one, making them believe that an opportunity for escape had come. The truth was that the city could no longer sustain its prisoners, and the Blades hoped that these "escaped" individuals, now free to explore the new world, might return with knowledge of the new world.

As the citizens of the Imperial City grapple with their new reality, they are thrust into a world rife with danger, ancient mysteries, and opportunities. They must navigate the politics and intrigue of the city's factions, deal with the challenges of this uncharted land, and find a way to return to their homeland, or perhaps forge a new destiny in this realm.


January 2023

  • 01 – Open Beta

October 2023

November 2023