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Sign of the Nightblade
Written book.png Nightblade

Nightblades are adventurers and opportunists with a gift for getting in and out of trouble. Relying on stealth, blades and speed, Nightblades thrive on conflict and misfortune, trusting to their luck and cunning to survive.


Skill Name Skill Type Level Cost Damage/Heal Time
Veiled Strike Melee Damage 1 2.3 Magicka Magic -
Strife Range Damage 1 2.7 Magicka Magic -
Teleport Strike Gapclose Teleport 5 3.8 Magicka Magic -
Assassin's Blade Melee Damage 10 2.4 Magicka Magic -
Shadow Cloak Defense 20 4.0 Magicka - 3s
Grim Focus Special 25 1.9 Magicka Magic 20s
Aspect of Terror Stun 30 3.8 Magicka - 3s
Mark Target Special 35 2.7 Magicka - 10s
Twisting Path Aoe Damage 40 3.5 Magicka Magic 10s
Cripple Immobilize 45 2.7 Magicka Magic 20s
Death Stroke Melee Damage 15 7 Ultimate Magic 6s
Soul Shred Aoe Damage & Stun 50 20 Ultimate Magic 6s