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Writable book.png Rules & Guidelines



  • We expect all players to conduct themselves with a certain level of maturity.
  • The use of real life racial, ethnic or sexual comments/remarks will not be tolerated.
  • Do not spam the chat
  • The public chat is English only
  • Do not use fake names or usernames to harass others.
  • Offensive names, kingdom/nation names or skins are not allowed.
  • Do not sell items for out of game currency/items.
  • Do not advertise for other servers - neither in-game nor on our discord.
  • Do not advertise our server on other servers - It's just poor taste to advertise MC servers on other MC servers.
  • No begging in the public chat. Asking persistently for items is forbidden.
  • No unapproved links. Do not post unapproved links in public or private chats.
  • Do not set homes or log out in claims/bases that you are not trusted to.


  • Mods are forbidden - The use of client modifications is not allowed, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The only allowed client mod is Optifine.
  • Unfair Tools are forbidden - The use of external tools that give an unfair advantage is not allowed.
  • Unfair Resource packs are forbidden - The use of resource packs that give an unfair advantage is not allowed.
  • Abusing bugs are forbidden - The use of bugs that give an unfair advantage (e.g. item duping), both in plugins and in Minecraft, is not allowed.
  • Duping is forbidden - Duping items or anything else is forbidden, even TNT dupers!
  • Lagging the server on purpose is forbidden - This includes lag machines, DDos attacks etcetera
  • Unfair Advantage - Tools or Resource Packs that would allow the user to see, hear or achieve actions that cannot be done without the Tools/Resource Packs or it exposes information to you that would otherwise be invisible.


  • No offensive builds.
  • Disruptive Claims are forbidden - Claims intended to be disruptive are not allowed, e.g. claims that block the expansion of another player.
  • Do not break bedrock
  • Do not build above bedrock in the nether.
  • Do not build below bedrock.
  • Do not build 0 tick farms
  • Do not build chunk loaders.
  • Do not build water/lava triggered by redstone.



  • Treat others with respect.


  • Buildings should fit the theme - Buildings have to be aesthetically pleasing and should fit into the fantasy/medieval/magic/steampunk theme. Simple forms like cubes, cylinders etcetera should be built underground/underwater. Try to avoid big flat surfaces.